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Bulk SMS is the delivery of high SMS volumes from a server. It is best used by clients who need to deliver messages to large groups of people either on a once-off or continuous basis.

It is also effective where clients need to send instantaneous messages such as sports, community news or local information. It can also be used to deliver contents such as marketing messages.

Vividsms is the firm that provides the service of single and bulk messaging via the internet to mobile phones anywhere in Nigeria and beyond, instead of the usual phone to phone text messaging. We specialize in giving our clients the best as regards price and service.

Why VividSMS

Our Aim

To commonize the bulk messaging even to the least person in Nigeria and beyond by giving you the privilege of buying as low as 50 sms at a time, but remember that the higher the quantity the lower the price..

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Our Commitment

We at vividsms are committed to giving you the best service quality. or to provide quality service at moderate price..

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